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At Shaeffer Electric we believe in partnering with our clients to optimize safety on all of our projects.   Each project is different in plan and scope, which presents unique challenges for our safety director, project foremen, and electricians.  With over 35 years of experience, Bill Shaeffer works with our trained IBEW electricians to identify risks early, complete plans of action, and procure the necessary PPE to properly complete the task at hand.

All employees receive project specific safety training, which is generally provided through the General Contractor.  We take this a step further by requiring supplemental tool box talks and task specific risk analysis.  Our foremen are all required to be OSHA 30 certified and general electricians are required to be OSHA 10 certified (or greater).

Our employees know that safety does not begin and end with the safety director or project foreman. We encourage each of our employees to be a “safety steward” and ask questions.  Oftentimes, accidents happen because someone did not think it was their responsibility, or was afraid to ask a question.   We believe safety is not just a program, it is an integral piece of our company culture and nurture it as such.  Based on that focus on safety, we have maintained an EMR rating well below 1.00, the industry standard.  We continue to focus on sustaining and building this focus on safety to provide our employees and our customers the safe and efficient work environment they not only deserve , but demand.